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The Florida State University 

EDF 5481

Methods of Educational Research

Graduate-level course (class size of 20)

This course supports students develop competencies in (1) reading and evaluating research, (2) selecting and applying appropriate research designs , and (3) understanding the process of conducting research and writing about it.

EDF 5916

Research Proposal Writing

Graduate-level course (class size of 10)

This online course provides additional support for students to develop a written research proposal (including literature review) and to select and specify the appropriate research design and data collection methods. 

The Ohio State University 


Learning and Motivation Strategies for Success in College

Undergraduate-level course (class size of 25-30)

​*Average Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI): 4.87/5.0

This is the flagship course of the Dennis Learning Center, which helps students develop the academic beliefs and behaviors essential to success in college.

As an instructor of record, I independently taught both

in-person and online sections of this course for three years.


The class started out as a group of 20 strangers. There were refugees, young mothers, international students, out of state students, students born and raised ten minutes from campus, and people with disabilities. Kim turned our strange, discombobulated assortment of students into a close-knit group that I can now consider my friends.

All the feedback given for each homework was very motivational and made me feel like I am doing a good job, which then made me more serious about this course instead of just completing the assignments for the sake of the grade.

Literally so good at everything. Especially at finding unique ways to help us think about things and making every class feel so personal at the same time.

Other Teaching Activities

TA Orientation Panel, 

Department of Educational Studies

I was invited to serve on the orientation panel to support incoming and

returning graduate teaching associates to prepare for their teaching.

During the orientation, I shared my experiences as a TA, some challenges that I had to overcome, and potential tips and resources. 

Guest Speaker/Lecturer for

Graduate-Level Courses

EDUS 721: Social Processes in Education

(Virginia Commonwealth University)

I was invited as a guest speaker for a session on multiple goal pursuit and self-regulatory processes. In a discussion-based format, I talked about the importance of considering multiple goals and facilitating self-regulatory processes. 

EDST 7095 Motivation and Cognition

(University of Cincinnati)

I was invited as a guest speaker for a session on self-regulation.

In an interview recording with the instructor, I talked about the role of self-regulation in student success and recent trends in self-regulated learning research. 

ESEPSY 7403 Motivation in Learning and Teaching

(The Ohio State University)

I was invited as a guest lecturer for several sessions focusing on interest, emotions, self-efficacy, and self-regulated learning. I provided a short lecture, followed by group activities and whole group discussions.

Professional Development Opportunities for Other Instructors

I organized and delivered professional development opportunities for other instructors at the Buckeye Teaching Showcase and TA orientations.

The sessions I have facilitated include “Tips for supporting international students in your classroom,” “How to provide feedback for online students,” and “How teachers can help students maintain and enhance their motivation throughout the semester.”

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